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REALTOR Party BR Valley Lanes
Saturday 17 March 2018, 04:00pm - 07:00pm
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The Bitterroot Valley Board of REALTORS® Government Affairs Committee invites YOU to join in on the fun at their 2018 Bowling Tournament Party – invite your friends, family, acquaintances!  

GREEN is the theme of the bowling tourney.  Team submissions are due by Friday, March 9th.  Limit is 12 teams.  Silent Auction, Prizes, loads of fun!

Contact a Committee member to join a team or submit one of your own:

Craig Siphers, Chair, 375-9251

Teri Polumsky, Co-Chair, 363-1606

Timothy Lund, 363-1250

Andy Polumsky, 363-1606

Henry Silverio, Jr, 363-1643

Pamela Tinker, 363-1606

Bob Fifield, 375-9251

Max Coleman, 375-9251

Marci Almond, 375-0166

Gary Koepplin, 363-1606

Jim Augustine, 363-1606

Kerry Hanson, 240-4672

Doug McLaren, 363-1606

Paul Kink, 777-3696

J.R. Iman, 360-8686

Lee Foss, 363-6647

Travis Martinez, 370-7009

Or board staff, 363-2000

Registrations are now closed

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