How do I become a member?

By completing an application, paying the appropriate membership dues and then attending the Orientation class within the allocated timeframe. You must hold a current license to sell real estate in the state of Montana.

How do I complete an Application?

1.  Online - Click here to complete the application.  This is the quickest and easiest way to apply to the Board.  Once you send or bring us the application with the appropriate membership application fees, you will receive a welcome packet from the Board via e-mail, after which you will be able to begin using the login and password indicated in your e-mail.
2.  Fax - Call us for an application, our phone # is 406-363-2000, fax # 406-363-4511.
3.  Bring or mail to:  Bitterroot Valley Board of REALTORS®, 224 N. 4th Street, Hamilton, MT  59840. 

When you fax or mail the application, don't forget to include payment information, the broker's signature and your signature.  The application cannot be processed without this information.

What are the annual membership dues?

The membership dues are paid on an annual basis and are due each year on January 31st.  For members joining during the year, dues are prorated monthly.  Annual dues include the National Association of REALTORS®, Montana Association of REALTORS®, and the Bitterroot Valley Board of REALTORS®, and do not include the MLS fees (which are monthly).          

Does my Broker need to belong to BVBoR?

Agents must hold their primary membership in a REALTOR association where the company's principal or managing broker holds membership.  Once an agent holds primary membership in a REALTOR association, they may then join any other REALTOR association as a secondary member provided their principal or managing broker is a member also. 

More FAQs

  • If my broker is not a member of any Board of REALTORS®, may I still join?
    • The company's principal broker must hold membership in the Board prior to any other agent joining
  • What does primary membership mean?
    • Primary membership is an accounting term indicating that you are paying your National and State dues through that particular REALTOR association.
  • What does secondary membership mean?
    • Secondary membership means that you are already paying your national and state dues with another local REALTOR association.  Therefore, you only have to pay the local dues with your secondary Board.
  • Does a secondary member receive fewer benefits than a primary member?
    • No, secondary members receive the same benefits as a primary member.