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Area Statistics

From the Bitterroot Chamber of Commerce website


The Bitterroot Valley is 25 miles wide, 96 miles long, 2394 square miles land area, and 6 square miles inland water.

Population Projection
2005 - 41,280
2010 - 50,840
2015 - 55,450
2020 - 55,450
2025 - 60,030

Valley Floor - 3,500 ft.
Sapphire Mtns. - 8,999 ft.
Bitterroot Mtns. - 10,157 ft.

Average Yearly Rainfall
12-16 inches

Average Yearly Snowfall
6 inches in the valley
200 inches in the mountains

Average Daily Temperatures

Jan. 35 17
Feb. 40 20
Mar. 50 26
Apr. 59 32
May 68 40
June 75 46
July 82 50
Aug. 84 49
Sept. 72 41
Oct. 59 31
Nov. 45 24
Dec. 36 18

Growing Season
130-150 days

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